Craven Jacky.

One day Mark woke up, he could not remember what he dreamt of the night before. However, he brushed his teeth, did yoga then went to school. While walking to school, he met a friend of his named Jack. And now remember that name good! Jack is faint-hearted, he has no courage to do anything, so Mark decided to plant some courage in Jack. He persuaded him to go for dinner tonight, yet it was not dinner. He took him outside the neighborhood to an abandoned cave. That was a once-in-a-generation chance for Mark to laugh enough at poor Jack, so he took advantage of it, he took him there. What do you think will happen? They stepped into the cave, Jack rushed up to Mark yelling like a child, Mark roared with laughter. In fact, Mark passed away from laughter. It turned out later that Jack played the victim to ditch Mark. Moreover, Jack already knew that Mark suffers from heart diseases, so Jack has been always pretending that he is continually dreaded anything. So, he wanted that Mark dies, but why? It was due to their girlfriend - Melissa, Jack always thought that Melissa loved Mark and he really was jealous, so he planned this plan and was certain that it absolutely would thrive. Because Mark was a funny guy, Jack decided to exploit this great chance. Finally, it prospered. Unfortunately, the beloved Mark died not because of laughter but because of an overdose being injected by Jack. Jack died 20 years later also due to an overdose.


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