The great Kan

Kan, is an average person, living his daily life like anyone else in the town. But an occasion changed his entire life. He found a treasure underneath his carpet by accident. He decided to share what was found with every individual in need, so he started his unmemorable journey for him in the first place and doubtlessly for others. He helped everyone he could, did his best with the help of his lovely wife, Jessica. She is four years younger than him. After eleven years of supporting others, Jessica rested in peace after suffering from cancer. Kan was sincerely sad about her death. After her death, he made the decision to help as many people as possible, with his endless treasure, who suffered from cancer. After helping more than 500 people having cancer, he passed away normally and left a great message behind, namely that money must be used in its right place.

The goal is not money. The goal is living a life on your terms.



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